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Welcome To Telangana State Police Welfare..

About Telangana Police Welfare Wing

In a disciplined force like Police which is on guard 24 hours a day and 365 days a year the welfare of the men and their families has direct bearing on the morale and efficiency of the force. Ever increasing work load, negligible pay and extreme stressful conditions plague the present day Police. To mitigate these sufferings and improve the conditions of the Police personnel, the Telangana State Police has designed a number of welfare measures.


A full-fledged Welfare Division at Police Head Quarters, under the direct control of Inspector General of Police, handles and co-ordinates various welfare activities carried out under the auspices of T.S. State Police Welfare Society, for which the DGP is the President. The Society initiates and undertakes all social and economic welfare measures aimed at ameliorating the conditions of members of the TS Police and their families, to afford relief in all deserving cases where such help is not forthcoming from other Government and Non-Government agencies.


Bhadratha started to provide social security to all the Police personnel and their families. After bifurcation of AP Bhadratha which is one of the Welfare wings of Police Department, Bhadratha of Telangana Police Department had started on 02-06-2014 duly registered under the Telangana Public Societies Registration Act. The scheme functions under the supervision of a Managing Committee presided over by the Director General of Police. All employees of Police Department enroll themselves as members of Bhadratha and contribute monthly subscription of Rs. 800/- (PC to ASI rank) and Rs.1600/- (SI and above ranks). The subscription amounts contributed by the members will be returned to them at the time of their retirement with 5% interest. The membership as on today is 62,067.

Arogya Bhadratha

Policeman works when the rest of the world sleeps. Due to irregular timings, professional hazards, stressful job, policemen get into serious health problems. Sometimes they have to undergo major surgeries and suffer from serious diseases of heart, kidney and cancer. Many times they are not in a position to get treatment in good hospitals and clear the bills. They are put to great mental and physical stress when they get into serious health problems. The re-imbursement facility given by the Government is cumbersome and not able to fulfill their needs. To overcome all these difficulties an innovative scheme called “AROGYA BHADRATHA” has been designed and introduced.

Sri M. Mahender Reddy

D.G.P. of Telangana State

DGP Shri. Mahendar Reddy, IPS an officer of 1986 batch RR, is the President of the Welfare Wing, and Chairman, Bhadratha and Arogya Bhadratha He presides over the Managing Committee Trust Board meetings and oversees all the important decisions of the Welfare Wing. He also sanctions and ratifies the expenditure of these schemes and is empowered to give special sanction when the need arises. The DGP Mr.Mahendar Reddy, IPS is highly welfare oriented and is responsible for many far reaching Welfare measures of the Telangana Police.

Dr. Soumya Mishra

ADDL. Direct General of Police

Dr.Soumya Mishra, IPS an officer of 1994 batch, RR is the ADG Welfare Wing. She is also the Secretary, Welfare Wing and the Vice Chairperson of Bhadratha and Arogya Bhadaratha.She has initiated a number of measures toorganize and streamline the Welfare Wing and made it more accessible and expanded its reach.The website and the entire automation process has been initiated by her by partnering with the expertise of I-Native Solutions.